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Wayne Madder is an Award Winning singer-songwriter, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Genre of music is jazzy blues, blues, blues rock, soul, fusion, country blues, folk. Wayne follows his award winning album Unconditional with another album, Disconnect released February 2023.

Wayne’s first single release, Crack in the Wall, made it to the 2021 semi- finals in the International Songwriting Competition and is on his 2022 album release, Unconditional. The album was awarded Album of the Year 2022 by the Oshawa Music Awards ( OMAs ).

Both Disconnect and Unconditional Albums are available on all streaming platforms and are made available as a physical CD. Please visit STORE for merchandise and CD duo pack.

UNCONDITIONAL Winner for Album of the Year by the Oshawa Music Awards

Oshawa Music Awards Nominations

I am pleased to announce that I have been Nominated in two Categories: #1 Record of the Year ( Angels ) #2 Album of the Year ( DISCONNECT ) for the Oshawa Music Awards 2023 ( OMA Awards 2023 )

Overall Impression: Wonderfully understated and delicately tender in its approach, "Angels" is a wonderfully written folk piece that is superbly performed and affectionately arranged. Wayne Madder lovingly presents his listeners with a song of such substance and heart that you can't help but be taken in by its beautifully expressed ideas and concepts. Target Audience Appeal: This is an exemplary folk piece and I'm sure fans of the genre will find "Angels" to be a thoroughly rewarding listening experience. About The Reviewer: Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K.


This artist proves to have a great musical experience behind him as his compositional style is refined and cared for in every little detail. The thing that immediately intrigued me is Wayne Madder’s vocal timbre, a voice that has a lot of life behind it and that manages to make you feel deep emotions. His music is inspired by the past and in such a difficult moment for the world, I believe it is therapeutic as frees your mind from bad thoughts. When you listen to the songs of Unconditional, legendary songwriters like Neil Young and Dylan come to mind. Wayne Madder’s love for blues, rock, and jazz is evident and his passion for composing and interpreting his songs is contagious. This album makes you experience different emotions, in some moments it is energetic, and in others very introspective…with those acoustic ballads that are able to move the listener. Wayne Madder is a talented artist that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.


Music Madders

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